Things That Benefit The Most From Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

2 February 2023
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Humidity poses a significant risk to many items. It promotes mold and causes discoloration of surfaces, among other adverse effects. To avoid the consequences of humidity and temperature damage on items in storage, it is advisable to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. These facilities are typically located indoors, making them more secure than regular storage. Here are some items you should consider storing in a climate-controlled facility.

Valuable Electronics

Many people are unaware of the fact that extreme temperatures can damage electronics. You should store electrical items in low-humidity environments. Avoid storing electronics in your garages and attics. 

Some electronic equipment that should be stored in a climate-controlled unit includes gaming systems, computers, TVs, and stereo equipment. When arranging these items in the storage room, keep them upright to protect the internal components.


If you are a wine collector or have a selection of wine bottles in your home, you may have insufficient space to store them. Remember, humidity, temperature, and light are crucial for the condition of your wine.

While a wine cellar may be the first thing you consider investing in, you may not have the appropriate conditions to store the wine properly. The best alternative, in this case, is a wine storage unit. For temperature and humidity control, you should rent a climate-controlled storage facility.

Musical Instruments

Artists value their musical instruments more than anything. Improper storage of musical instruments can affect the quality of sound they produce. For example, pianos have strings, keys, and wooden structures that can be easily damaged by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Also, the strings of guitars can easily snap when the instrument is stored in the wrong conditions. Furthermore, heat will ruin the adhesives that hold the guitar together.

For brass instruments, high humidity levels and heat are destructive. These conditions can promote corrosion and lead to the growth of bacteria. Moisture can also encourage mold build-up in these instruments. Therefore, you should preserve sensitive musical instruments in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Business Documents and Inventory

Many people think they can store paperwork anywhere, provided it is uniformly arranged and packed. However, business documents are most secure in climate-controlled rooms. This prevents them from rotting, fading, and discoloring due to humidity.

Documents should also be protected from ultraviolet light, heat, and cool conditions. These extreme temperatures can damage important inventory. Climate-controlled storage units ensure all your paperwork is safe, clean, and in good condition for a long duration.