How To Properly Store Rugs

24 July 2017
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Rugs are a massive part of any room's interior decoration, but when rolled up and not being used, they can take up a massive amount of room and can be heavy and unwieldy to store in your home. If you want to redo a room and need somewhere to put your rugs, or if you simply want to get them out of the way, you may want to consider renting out a storage unit to temporarily hold them. However, before you put your rugs into a storage unit, you need to properly prepare and pack them to prevent them from becoming damaged while not being used.


Before you put your rugs into a storage unit, you should clean them thoroughly to remove any pests, spores, and moisture which may have found their way into the fabric. Vacuuming can help remove most dust and other contaminants, but you may want to consider using a steam cleaner or having your rugs dry cleaned if they are particularly dirty or stained (or for older, more delicate rugs, which require a professional touch).

Pest Control

If you are storing your rug for a period of longer than a month, you may want to consider applying an insect repellent onto your rugs to keep pests (like moths and silverfish) from eating away at your rug's fibers. Most carpet and hardware stores will have insect repellent and pesticides that are specifically designed for use on rugs without damaging the structure of the rug itself: avoid using general-purpose repellents, which may have harsh chemicals that can alter the color of your rug upon application.


You should always roll your rugs, never fold or hang them, as this will prevent creases from forming and the padding of your rug from cracking. In general, roll with the fiber side of the rug facing inwards to prevent dust and other contaminants from settling in it, with the sole exception of extremely old and delicate rugs, whose fibers may be crushed. Instead, roll those carpets with the pad facing inwards. After rolling your rugs, you may want to wrap it with packing paper, available at most storage supply stores, to protect it from moisture and other minor forms of damage.

Climate Control and Proper Storage

Though climate-controlled storage units represent an added expense, they are definitely an option worth considering when putting your rugs into storage. This is because rugs are an absorbent decoration: high levels of humidity can promote mold and mildew growth in your rugs, which can cause discoloration and even structural degradation over the long term. Furthermore, frequent and excessive temperature fluctuations can cause physical damage to your rug's fibers and can make rips and tears more likely. Finally, you should always store your rolled-up rugs in an area out of direct sunlight, as UV exposure can bleach the colors out of your rug's fabric.

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