Paint It Pink! 3 Awesome 90's Cars That Are Perfect For Pretty Women Who Appreciate Fast Cars

26 July 2017
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Men go for the cars that have a lot of power and a mean look, but what about the girls that are car enthusiasts? There are some cars that look great with a woman behind the wheel, such as the Nissan Z3000 from the 90s, or more modern Shelby IROC. Here are some of the best cars to paint pink, and put any muscle car to shape with grace:

1. 1990 Nissan 300ZX For a Sleek, Modern Looking Car

The 1990 Nissan 300ZX is a great car if you want something with a sleek modern look to it. It is a lower profile car that is only around 50 inches to the top of the roof. It is also light and has plenty of power with a 3.0-liter V6 motor giving it more than 222 horsepower. It is one of the best handling and most powerful sports cars in its class from the early 90s. The V6 motor in the 300ZX can also be easily tuned to give this car a lot more power.

2. 1991 Shelby IROC-Z Daytona For a Classic Look in A True Sports Car

For something with a little more classic styling, but with just as much power, the Dodge Shelby IROC-Z Daytona is another light car with a powerful V6 motor under the hood. Depending on your budget, you have a couple of choices for a Daytona restoration; you can buy an IROC-Z with matching numbers, or you can do a clone project. It will cost more to get an authentic IROC-Z Daytona because these are sought-after cars. Cloning is an affordable route, but you will have to do a motor swap and add the missing trim parts to give it the IROC-Z look.

3. 1994 Honda Prelude with All-wheel Steering for A Car That Handles Turns the Best

Another iconic car to consider for a restoration project is the 1994 Honda Prelude, which was the last year with the all-wheel steering package. The 1994 Prelude was powered by a 2.2-liter 4-cylinder engine, which gave it around 150hp. With a little tuning and improvements, you will be able to easily get 200hp out of the stock 2.2-liter engine. What makes this car so great is the all-wheel steering that makes it handle turns with ease.

These are some of the best cars to paint pink and step on the gas. If you need space for your restoration problem and the garage is full, contact a metal building company to find large carports for sale to add the space you need.