Using Mini Storage for Your Move

7 August 2017
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Whether you are preparing to move from an apartment to a house or you are upgrading to a larger home, a mini storage unit offers a great option for preparing to move. Use this guide to discover the different ways you can put your mini storage unit to use.

Temporary Storage

If you are waiting to move into a new house, but your apartment lease has ended, you may end up choosing a short-term lease for housing before you move. You won't necessarily want to move all of your belongings to a temporary home, and a mini storage unit can be used to hold non-essential items until you transition to your permanent home. For example, you can use the storage unit to hold out-of-season clothing or furniture that you don't necessarily need. When you are ready to move to your permanent home, your items will be tucked away in your storage unit, boxed and ready for your move.

Furniture Storage

You can use your mini storage unit to hold furniture you'll need in your new home. If you are planning to get rid of your existing couches and beds, consider replacing them as you find great deals at local furniture stores. You can hold the new items in the storage unit until you are ready to move, and you can simply discard your old furnishings on moving day. Be sure to store ready-to-assemble furniture in the original boxes to make moving day easier, and keep sofas or mattresses in their original wrappings to protect them from dirt and dust while they are housed in your storage unit.

Early Packing

It's never too early to begin packing, particularly if you have a lot of items you'll need to move to your new home. Consider your mini storage unit a staging area for your move. You can pack non-essential items, or simply move boxes you already have stored away in your basement or attic. By doing your packing bit by bit, you'll have less to do in the days and weeks before you move. Pick one day of the week to transport your packed boxes to the storage unit, and don't forget to label them so you can unpack easily when you start settling into your new home.

Mini storage units come with a variety of lease options, so you can choose the right amount of time to suit your needs. A month-to-month lease is ideal if you aren't sure about the closing or move-in date for your new home. To learn more about how to rent mini storage, contact a storage company near you.