Self-Storage Tips For Party Planners

16 August 2017
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As a party planner, you may find that you need to use storage space to hold items for upcoming events. You may also need a storage unit to keep some party essentials in stock in the event that a vendor fails to provide the necessary items for a client. If you are considering renting a self-storage unit, here are a few helpful ideas you can use to organize your items and keep them ready for your clients.

Folding Chair Storage Carts

Having extra folding chairs available is a smart option for party planners. If your client underestimates the number of expected guests, or if a venue fails to provide adequate seating, you can bring extra chairs to help save the day. Folding chair storage carts provide a convenient way to store these chairs when they are not in use, and heavy-duty casters make it easy to transport the chairs to your vehicle. Look for similar carts to accommodate folding tables, which can also come in handy for last-minute party arrangements.

Wardrobe Boxes

Whether you keep extra tablecloths and napkins on hand or you have tulle and other fabrics that can be used to decorate an event space, you need a way to store these items away properly. Look for wardrobe boxes from a moving supply company, and use them to hang and arrange your fabric party accessories. You can fold tablecloths and hang them on plastic hangers, and you can use pants hangers with clips to hang linen napkins. Fold large pieces of tulle or satin in half and drape them over the dowel rods inside the wardrobe boxes. Consider investing in several boxes and sort the fabrics by color for easy access to all the supplies you might need for an event. Tape fabric swatches to the outside of each box so you know what color schemes are stored inside.

Tool Chests

Some party supplies are small and can be easy to lose or break inside of large storage boxes. Instead, invest in large tool chests for small item storage. These chests are similar to those you might find at a mechanic's shop, and they have multiple drawers and compartments in an array of sizes. Use the drawers to organize table numbers and place card holders, candleholders, and napkin rings. Use larger drawers for vases, silk flowers, and other centerpiece items.

Having access to plenty of party supplies means you can come through for your clients in a pinch, whether they've forgotten to rent chairs or they didn't order enough napkins for the tables at their parties. With the right storage accessories, you can keep all the necessary party essentials stored away in your self-storage unit. For more information, contact a business such as National Self Storage - Denver.