Tips For Storing Your Home Exercise Equipment

30 November 2017
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Having a home gym can occupy a ton of space in your house. Once you've accomplished your current fitness goals, or simply looking to reclaim some of that space once again, you'll be looking to store that equipment until you are ready to use it again. Since storing exercise equipment incorrectly can potentially cause damage, it helps to know what you are doing, so it works when you take everything out of storage down the road.

Clean the Equipment

One essential thing to do before you put away that exercise equipment is to clean all the surfaces, especially ones made of metal or upholstery. Anything made of metal can rust over time if the contaminants and germs are not removed prior to being put into storage. For fabric material such as seats or soft grips, mildew and mold can form within the material as well.

You'll want to wipe off all surfaces using a cleaner designed for general surfaces and make sure the surface is dry before the item goes into storage. This will help ensure that the equipment is not in worse condition when it comes back out.

Store Free Weights Properly

Do you have a lot of free weights that you want to put away for a while? It helps to store them on a weight rack. The rack will make it very easy to pack up the weights, but it also allows you to store them safely.

Make sure that the weights are placed on the rack so that the heavy weights are along the bottom and the light weights are at the top. This will prevent your weight rack from potentially falling over, which will damage other items in storage or injure you as well.

Use Cover Material and Release Tension

It helps to cover your large equipment with a breathable material. The goal will be to prevent rust from forming on any metal parts, rather than trap moisture on the equipment and cause rust to form.

Before the final cover goes on the equipment in storage, verify that all tension has been released on the exercise equipment. It may be set to the setting you last used before you stopped using it, and the tension being set in storage could cause the equipment to malfunction when you start using it again.

With these tips in mind, you'll have no problem keeping your exercise equipment in storage. Contact storage facilities near you for more information and assistance.