Using Mobile Storage Solutions To Make Storage Easy

5 March 2018
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Whether you have a few things to put in storage or have an entire house full of furniture to put in a safe place, self-storage has long been the go-to solution. The downside self-storage is that you have to move everything from your home to the storage unit then place it inside. If you do not own a truck, it means that you either have to get someone to loan you s a truck or rent one.

Mobile Storage Solutions

The newest solution for storage is mobile storage units. These mobile units are transported on the back of a truck, much the way a roll-off container is. The unit is typically placed in your driveway so you can place things in it as needed. Keep in mind; the unit will be moved and placed in a stack with other containers, so it is important to pack things very carefully. If they do move around, the potential for something to get broken is very high. If you are not going to fill the entire unit, you may want to ask about cargo bars being added to the inside of the unit before it is moved.

Choosing The Right Storage Company

When you start considering which company you will use to store your stuff, you might want to look at more than just the price. The size of the unit is important because if it is too small, you won't get everything in it, and if it is too big, you could end up with things moving around. It is also important to talk to the company about where the container will be stored and if climate control is available for your unit. If you need your unit to be kept cool or maybe to be warm in cold weather, you will need to make the arrangements ahead of time. The condition of the container is also important. Make sure the unit is in good shape when it is dropped off and if there is damage, do not accept it.

Moving The Container

Once the container is filled with all your worldly possessions, you need to call the company to have it moved. Never try and move the container yourself, even if it is just a few feet or to another part of the yard. If you damage the container, you will be responsible for the damage. Call the company even if you only need to reposition it. They can come out and move it for you as long as the new spot is accessible for the truck. You can set a date for the container to be picked up or call when it is full. If you are having the container delivered to a new home in another city, you will have to make those arrangements, and the dates can be much more important.

For more information, contact a local mobile storage company.