Need a Storage Unit? Find a Company with All the Essentials

29 May 2018
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When you run out of storage space in your attic, garage, and closets, you can get rid of some items or find a place to store the leftover possessions. A climate controlled storage unit provides you with a reliable solution, but you may not have anything that you need to put belongings into storage. This is when you should prioritize a storage company that can accommodate all your needs.

Moving Equipment

One of the most important things that you will need is moving equipment to help with the moving process. Some storage companies even allow you to rent a moving truck, which will prevent you from having to fill up your vehicle several times to bring possessions to the storage facility.

Other useful equipment includes furniture dollies, floor runners, and hand trucks. The floor runner will help you avoid causing damage to your home and belongings. The hand truck and furniture dolly will minimize the physical stress on your body while also speeding up the process.


Renting a storage unit requires you to use a lock to protect your possessions. Many storage companies will provide their customers with a padlock that they can use. If you are interested in maximizing security for the items inside, you can buy a costlier lock with better security. An ideal situation is when you can pick from locks that the storage company carries and recommends.


Although you could put items directly into a storage unit, you will benefit from putting most items into boxes before leaving the possessions in storage. One option is to rent a storage unit, pick up boxes while you are there, and then come back home to pack everything. You can also bring items in your car, buy moving boxes while signing a rental lease, and then fill up the boxes.

Both options are viable, but you may want to bring moving boxes to your house so that you can pack everything in an environment where you feel most comfortable.

Packing Supplies

In addition to buying moving boxes, you should consider buying packing supplies. While you can weave box flaps to secure a box without any tape, it will not provide a complete seal. The best way is to fold the flaps evenly and then use packing tape across the top several times. You may also need to buy bubble wrap or packing foam to fill the empty space inside moving boxes.

Finding a storage company that carries all these items will make renting a storage unit easy.