How A Self-Storage Unit Makes Things Easier When You're Renovating Your Kitchen

29 September 2020
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If you're planning to renovate your kitchen and still maintain a normal routine in your house, you need to think of ways to manage your construction materials and your belongings. If clutter is spread around the house, it's difficult for you and your kids to live safely and continue life as normal. A good idea is to rent a self-storage unit. Here's how it can help you when you're renovating a kitchen, and tips for storing things properly.

Use The Unit For Holding New Materials

If you're undertaking a DIY renovation, you'll have to buy all the supplies, such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, and appliances yourself. You may want to buy them during a sale so you can save money. If you have a storage unit, you can buy materials when it's convenient and keep them in storage until you're ready to use them. This keeps your materials safe and out of the way while they're waiting to be used.

Put Excess Kitchen Supplies In Storage

You'll probably want to keep the bare essentials in your home so you can still cook meals and maintain a fairly normal family life, even if you have to cook on the grill outside. All the extra dishes and small appliances can be packed up safely and stored so they are not broken or in your way.

You'll need to clean your kitchen out completely if you plan to put in new cabinets and new flooring, so instead of moving everything to the living room where it will be in your way for a few weeks, just put it in a self-storage unit instead. Then the only room disrupted is your kitchen, and that makes it easier to continue with your usual family routine of school and work.

Rent A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit

The good thing about a storage unit is you can choose the type that matches your needs. Think about what you're putting in storage and choose a unit that's large enough to hold your things without crowding them.

Also, consider the effects of weather. If you plan to store fragile items or delicate electronic equipment, you may want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you'll be using it in the winter or summer when it's very hot or very cold.

If you'll only be storing things like building materials and dishes, you may not need climate control, especially in milder seasons.

Pack Items Carefully

Even though your belongings may only be in storage for a few weeks, you should still pack them as carefully as you would if you were moving. You don't want to break glasses or dishes, and you don't want your things to collect odors or grow mildew.

Make sure appliances are clean and completely dry before putting them in your unit. Wipe away food crumbs and stains so they don't attract bugs. By taking steps to pack carefully, you'll lower the risk of damage to your things as well as reduce the risk of insect and mildew problems while your belongings are locked in a storage unit for a few weeks.