Storing Stuff For A Semester? 5 Steps Now To Avoid Problems Later

21 January 2021
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Are you planning to leave campus for a semester or two? No matter whether you have some personal business to handle, are spending a semester abroad, or just plan to take off for the summer, the best way to pick up right where you left off is by renting a storage unit near your school. But because you won't be around once that storage unit door closes, here are a few steps to take to avoid returning to problems. 

1. Talk With Your Roommate. Roommates can often easily identify who bought what items in their dorm or apartment. But anything you shared the cost of — like a sofa or TV — could be more difficult. Sit down together and agree on ownership of these things. If you both aren't on the same page, it could ruin a friendship or even result in lawsuits over expensive items. 

2. Pick a Manageable Size. College students can usually rent small storage units. If you have little or no furniture to store, a 5x5 unit — basically a large closet — might be enough for personal belongings. Apartment dwellers with a small place or with roommates may only need 5x10 units. Renting a unit that's too large will weigh on your budget and will require more work. 

3. Get Rid of Stuff. Before you start packing up anything, take a few moments to purge the unwanted. After a semester or two of college life, you likely have a lot you can get rid of — including old assignments and notes, books you'll never read again, temporary decorations, and free college fair swag. Letting go now makes packing and storage easier, and it helps you get a fresh start when you return. 

4. Hunt for Food and Drink. Because you won't be around to check on your stuff over the semester, make sure there's no chance that pests will invade while you're gone. This means hunting down and removing any trace of food or drink — both opened and unopened. Then, put a small pest trap or two inside the storage unit for further protection. 

5. Remember How to Get In. How will you ensure you can still easily get into the unit when you come back to school? Record your gate or building code and individual lock code on your phone or in a cloud-stored file. If using a padlock key, find a place to store it safely in one set location rather than carry it around. And talk with the storage facility about backup methods to get back in. 

Planning ahead for safe and secure storage of your things will allow you to enjoy your semester off and return ready to get started again. Learn more about preparing for successful storage by meeting with a self-storage facility near your campus today.

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