4 Tricks For Using Your Storage Unit

12 May 2021
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Renting a storage unit is a great way to keep your belongings that you can't fit in your home safe. However, when it comes to renting and using a self-storage unit, there are some important tricks you should be aware of that will enhance your storage unit experience.

1. Only Store Dry Items

Before you put items in your storage unit, always make sure they are completely dry. For example, you shouldn't put away damp clothing or a dishwasher with water inside the unit.

You don't want to let moisture into your storage unit; the presence of moisture can lead to mold and mildew, which can easily spread and damage other items in your storage unit. You also don't want water leaking out of an appliance and damaging other items in your storage unit. Always double-check and ensure everything is dry before you put it in storage.

2. Vacuum Seal Soft Items

Second, for any soft item, you are going to want to vacuum seal the items. Vacuum sealing up items such as pillows, blankets, and clothing will help protect your items from moisture and pests. Additionally, vacuum sealing up your soft items will compress them and save you space. With a storage unit, space is money, so you will want to make the most use of your space. Vacuum sealing will allow you to use less space to store cloth-based items.

3. Use Space Inside Furniture

If you have furniture that you are storing, be sure to use all the space inside of the furniture. Once you have the furniture safely situated inside of the storage unit, use the space to your advantage. If you have a dresser in your storage unit, put items inside the drawers. If you have a garbage can, clean it and put items inside of the can. If you have a table, store items under and on top of it. Use the space in and around your furniture so that no space is wasted inside of your storage unit.

4. Bring Some Dryer Sheets

As you set up your storage unit, have a container of dryer sheets on hand. Dryer sheets can help provide your storage space with a nice smell, and they can help to repel pests away from your storage unit.

Take dryer sheets and place them around your storage unit. Place them in boxes and around the edge of the storage unit. This trick will keep pests away and ensure your storage unit and belongings smell good. If you use this trick, you will want to swap out the dryer sheets every few months.

When preparing items for your storage unit, you need to ensure they are dry and don't contain any moisture. Vacuum seal up cloth-based items to save room and use all the space in and around any furniture you place in your storage unit. Use dryer sheets to keep pests away and keep your belongings smelling good.