Renting A Self-Storage Unit Vs. Renting A Shipping Container

10 December 2021
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Different situations could arise in your business or personal life, bringing the need to seek additional storage space. The two main options when it comes to storage space are renting out a self-storage unit or renting a shipping container. How do the two differ, and which one is better?

A Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is a unit that comprises numerous storage units, each with an individual door located at a central point. Before storing your items, you need to lease or rent a unit from a large storage company. 

If you need to temporarily store your goods, maybe during a move or to make room for home remodels, you can choose to use a self-storage unit. It is also an ideal option for long-term storage due to the increased security of the unit.

The main advantage of renting a self-storage unit is you don't need to wait to use the space. You can begin storing your goods immediately. Additionally, most self-storage unit facilities offer better security, including limiting access to the premises, hiring security guards, and video surveillance.

A Shipping Container

A shipping container is a steel box that you can rent or buy from a vendor for a specified duration. Unlike a storage unit that isn't portable, you can move your shipping container to any location and allow it to sit on your property until the rental period is over. After the renting time expires, the vendor collects and returns their container to their property. 

Most people prefer renting out a shipping container because you don't need to drive to a storage facility. Since it sits on your property, it is easy to access, and you don't need to spend time traveling to store or retrieve items.

While a shipping container is convenient, security isn't always guaranteed. Yes, you could ensure you add video surveillance to the unit, but containers are easy targets, and thieves can easily break into them. Besides, a storage facility sitting on your property can easily attract pests and insects from your yard and compound, causing damage.

Rent Out A Self-Storage Unit Today

While renting a shipping container offers convenience and easy access to your items, it compromises the safety of your goods. Also, if you are looking to store your items when traveling for a long time, with no one to ensure the security of the container, there is a high risk of thieves breaking in. A self-storage unit assures the security of your items at all times, making it a better option.